Adaptive Personal Trainer

Mike Has worked trained clients with Neurological conditions from 2004 onwards. He has developed his ability to successfully facilitate rehabilitation programs. Working with these groups he has learnt the importance of building a positive rapport quickly. He understands participants require patience, compassion and respect, whilst confidently providing them with the guidance and expertise they’re seeking. Mike is a fully qualified personal Trainer with extra qualifications in Neurological conditions. 

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Adaptive Personal Trainer/ Owner of RMR

Rowan Set up RMR Rehabilitation in 2016, He has 9 years experience working in the fitness industry and 8 years working in the care sector. He has used his experience working within the above occupations to enhance his attributes and provide the best level of service possible. Rowan is a fully qualified personal trainer and has additional qualifications in Social Care and Exercise for longterm Neurological conditions.


Adaptive Personal Trainer

Iain is a personal trainer who has specialised in working with individuals with long term and complex mental health conditions. He has worked as an exercise specialist within the NHS for over 6 years, his skill base allows him to support people who have various needs.