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Our Personal Trainers



Clapham and Surrounding Areas

Jamie's is an established fitness and wellness professional, working in this industry since 2007. His philosophy, 'health is wealth' was what drew him to the profession as a therapist/trainer to empower and transform his clients quality of life, demonstrating that they can move better, ease aches and pains, and build both mental and physical resilience. He works with a diverse range of clients, from elite athletes to clients with disabilities, eldery and corporate professionals.  

What really sets Jamie apart is his holistic approach, he is focal on longevity though a range of preventative, restorative and strengthening therapies. One size does not fit all, therefore he takes the time to explore every clients individual needs and lifestyle on a day to day basis. He encourages his clients to be honest about their goals, supporting the development of new positive habits and a mindset and programme that is set for success.

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