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Working as part of a Multi disciplinary Team

We have been working hard to make sure all our trainers are at a standard to work as part of a multi disciplinary team and provide a quality service to the case managers we work with. We have made sure all our trainers have the best qualifications and experience to work with our clientele, we also make sure they are DBS checked and have the correct insurance. We provide them with all the information and forms they need to keep track of their clients progress and communicate well with the case manager and other members of the team. We have also started monthly webinars which are delivered by physiotherapists and other professionals including case managers. This is a form of inhouse training and provides our trainers with extra knowledge and the opportunity to ask questions. 

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Where do our trainers work from?

All our trainers are mobile, so we can work with clients at their Home or place of choice, some of our clients like training at the gym or PT studio, others enjoy training outside or at the swimming pool. 

What makes our service different?

Firstly, we always aim to work along side a physiotherapist when supporting our clients with their rehabilitation, we feel this gives our clients the best support from the start. To make sure we have all the information needed to create a programme we use the information provided by the physiotherapist from their previous sessions or most recent assessment.

Once we have set our Goals and aims with the client we ensure we record all our clients sessions, monitoring any decline or progression and communicating this information with the rest of the multi disciplinary team if needed. We are very aware of the importance of keeping clear and accurate records of our sessions, our trainers are also aware that they maybe asked to write monthly reports to share with the the clients case manager. 


Case managers - Please contact me on the details provided if you have any further questions. 


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