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cute cheerful kid with down syndrome exercising on stationary bike at the inclusive sport
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RMR Adaptive personal Training has began to work with Paediatric physiotherapists to Provide strength and conditioning sessions to Children with neurological conditions and other complex needs. We work closely with the physiotherapists to ensure the sessions and uniquely tailored to benefit the child’s development.

Adaptive Personal Training

Portrait of a child with cerebral palsy on physiotherapy in a children therapy center. Boy

RMR Rehabilitation have been offering Adaptive Personal Training sessions to Children since 2016, over this period of time we have built very good relationships with Paediatric physiotherapists in the local areas we cover. 


Our trainers are fully qualified, DBS checked and fully to work with your child. We are a mobile service, so offer our training at your home or place of choice. I.E Gym, Studio and also School. 

I have known Rowan and his team for around 6 years now and worked collaboratively the RMR to provide rehabilitation to children post SDR surgery. RMR's team are highly skilled and their service is very professional. The team are effective at delivering good quality strengthening and rehab programs with excellent results for children with a neuromuscular problems. I would highly recommend RMR.

Becky Milnor 

Specialist paediatric Physiotherapist


Working with clients with Cerebral Palsy (CP), including post Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR), we understand the condition presents many challenges, specific and unique to the individual.


Our approach is to work alongside Physiotherapists in prescribing effective training programs, helping to facilitate a greater frequency of sessions at an affordable price.


At RMR we make a promise to all our clients that we will continue to develop our understanding of the condition and the latest techniques in treating patients.


We believe this approach is paramount to the long term success of our clients.


Working alongside physiotherapists and a commitment to developing our knowledge through regular training updates firmly separates what we offer from other members of the fitness industry. 


Our aim is to cater not only to the physical abilities of the client but also understand them as an individual, combining the benefits of physiotherapy programs alongside an increased sense of independence and fun through exercise.


We understand treatment of CP and post SDR are ongoing, our goal is to help clients improve both mobility and stability when tackling daily challenges.


We are very proud of the work we do and aim to provide each of our clients with not just improved physical abilities but also build their self-efficacy, increase their confidence and sense of independence.


For more information please feel free to contact us.   

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